Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sad Day

Yesterday was the end of an era for clan Otto.  We have been so, so fortunate in that my mom, Grandmary, has been taking care of Vivi ever since I went back to work in October.  It was great timing; we got bumped by the daycare we had selected, and Mom agreed to care for her while balancing an incredibly busy class schedule as she studied to finish her degree.

It's been fabulous.  Never once during those first formative months was I worried.  When she struggled to gain weight.  When she refused to sleep on her back.  When she started teething and kept us up (a lot).  We had the best daycare provider God could ever have given us. 

But Grandmary is about to graduate, and so last Friday was Vivi's last day as Grandmary's final daycare kid. 

Vivi graduated!

Mom, thank you.  We know how lucky we have been. For every kiss, every hug, every bit of advice, every book you read her and every bottle you gave her, thank you.  Our daughter has flourished, and in no small part is it because the person who watched her when we could not loves her very, very much. 

We love you!!!

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  1. Yes it is a sad but good day. Not only did Vivi graduate but also will Grandmary. We also thank her for being their and loving her. Our granddaughter will miss that part.