Friday, December 31, 2010

Side Bar

Never fear, I will return to our holiday posts in just a moment. But I really want to take a second to commemorate a few of my favorite new "Vivisms.". For example...

GrandMary is now "Née-née." (and no, we do not let her watch "T he Real Housewives of Atlanta).

Koala Bear is "Ko-wow-wow."

The Monster at the End of this Book (a Christmas gift from Aunt Kate and Noah that has been a BIG HIT) is "Gro-ger Page."

She is truly amazing to me every day.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Tale of Two Monkeys...

Happy Holidays!

So sorry for the lapse in posting...we went to Iowa for Christmas!  It was really awesome.  And Vivi was really, really well behaved.  Perhaps because she had...a new buddy?
Yes folks, you are seeing that.  TWO Sock Monkeys.  Vivi's Great Grandma Kappeler hand-made Vivi her new gentleman Sock Monkey.  We went to visit her the first evening we were in Durant, and I am pretty sure Sock Man-key (what?  you tell me a better way to differentiate between them) did not leave her side the whole time we're there.
"Dance with me, my monkey friend."

Russ, unfortunately got a hold of Sock Man-key, and took some liberties with his outfit.  Hopefully Vivi will learn some sweet hip-hop moves from her new monkey friend.  She did spend A LOT of time dancing over the holidays, so...
...bust a move, my little lady!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frosty the...Sadman

When Grandpa and Grandma Otto were here for Thanksgiving, they gave Vivi the "Frosty the Snowman" book.  She likes it.  A LOT.  We read it at least two times a day, and she now loves to point out the snowmen on our Christmas tree, on my stocking...pretty much any snowman she sees, really (Fah-stee!  Fah-stee! Snoomn!).

So today, when Russ went outside with the dogs, he decided to build her a little mini snowman on top of our grill.
She was glued to the window, so excited to watch as daddy carefully made the snowman, and she and I sang the "Fah-stee Saug."  (That's the Frosty Song, for those of you who do not speak Vivi)
He even had eyes, nose and mouth!  Unfortunately, he also had an equilibrium issue, because as soon as Daddy turned his back on Frosty and came inside, Frosty's top two layers went sliding to the ground.  Frosty the Sadman.  Awkward.
Thumpity Thump Thump indeed.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast with, I mean Santa.

So, every year the Haymarket Development Council puts on a fundraiser called "Breakfast with Santa."  The event is pretty much what the name suggests.  We have never been, but this year my company sponsored the breakfast, as we are located in said Haymarket.  Russ and I figured what the heck, and Kate and Noah were game, so off to the breakfast we went, despite the fact that it was 10 DEGREES OUTSIDE.  I should have taken this as a sign.

The breakfast itself was delicious, and went well.  We figured perhaps we were in for a great, fun morning!  Here I am with Noah, enjoying French Toast.
Why the face?  Well, folks, I'll let you in on a little secret.  I do not care for people in costume.  I was the kid who would possibly have forfeited her Christmas gifts just so I did not have to sit on Santa's lap at the mall.  Mascots and people in costume in general freak the heck out of me.  CREEPY.  And I was very afraid we would run into the same problem with Vivi.  But.  We were determined to give it the old college try!
And actually, things went really well.  We stood in line to see the Big Man, and she could see him.  She and Russ discussed Santa in happy terms, going over the fact that we like him, and he does in fact say "Ho ho ho."

Then it was our turn and Russ set Vivi on Santa's lap.

She took one look at the man in red, opened her mouth, and you could just see the scream building (the camera woman actually said "I don't think she's breathing!").  And then...Vivi unleashed.

Oh dear.  So, after she calmed down, we took a nice photo of all three of us kneeling in front of poor, tortured Santa. which Vivi still looks traumatized.  It reminds me of the photo from my 5th birthday party, where Billy Bob the Bear (that's right, back when it was Showbiz, before the evil and scary Chuckie Cheese took over. hey marketing department--if you are in the food service business, your mascot should NEVER be a giant rat. wise up).  Billy Bob is hugging me for my "birthday photo," and I am clearly trying to shove his arms away from me.  Vivi, this is just a part of Christmas, so you may have to get used to it.  But I promise, I'll never make you hug a weirdo in a costume that's been in use since 1974.  Mommy loves you.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Et tu, Vivi?

Look out, Jack-Dog.  There may be a new sheriff in town.  And his Sock Monkey.

Sock Monkey came back from San Diego with Daddy, and today became the buddy de jour.  First Vivi wanted to change his diaper (I tried to explain that his red-bottom was a natural thing, but she seemed to think it was due to improper diapering habits).

To be honest, Sock Monkey didn't seem too thrilled either.  Eventually Vivi came to terms with the fact that Sock Monkey might not need a diaper, and moved on to putting him down for "nite-nite."
See, here she is, handing the diaper over to me for safekeeping.  The yellow object in her hand?  A dishtowel.  God help you if you have wet hands in this house; you won't be able to dry them on a conveniently located dish towel.  Vivi has always hated them, tearing them from their holders and throwing them to the floor (why?  why?  so weird).  But lately, they are being stolen and used as "Blankies" for all of her stuffed buddies (and sometimes for Ollie, but that's another post for another day).

So here she is trying to put Sock Monkey down for a nap in the living room.

This involves unceremoniously dumping Sock Monkey on the ground and then tossing the blanket over him.  However, this did not seem to be a suitable place for Sock Monkey to take a nap, in her mind.
So they moved to the kitchen, which was apparently a better spot.  Sock Monkey was successfully put down for a nap, and Vivi wandered off to play with Noah, after yelling "SHUUUSH" at all of us.  Unfortunately, instead of putting her finger to her lips, she usually sticks it up her nose and says "Shhhhhhhhh."  

We're working on it.  Nite-nite, Sock Monkey!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry Christmoose?

So, Vivi has  very cool godmother.  To celebrate her baptism day, Aunt Maria found a gift that was really rather perfect.  Check it out.

Yes, that's right.  It's a moose hat.  TOTALLY AWESOME!  And Vivi, bless her heart, will totally indulge me and just wander around wearing it.  Cracks.  Me.  Up.

Interweb, I warn you now--I will never tire of this.  Little kids' outer ware that doubles as a costume will never wear thin for me.  Hurray for mooses!  Thank, you Aunt Maria!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Snowflake...

We went and got Vivi's Christmas portraits done tonight!  They are darling, if I do say so myself, and we will be sending them out soon (I promise, I will get Christmas cards sent this year and not leave the task on the back burner.  I PROMISE).

But what does one wear for a big Christmas photo shoot?

A darling little snowflake princess dress.

I coveted this dress from the moment I saw it last Christmas, and Aunt Maria snagged it for me at the end of Christmas sales last year.  It was nowhere to be found in Lincoln, and I was so excited!  And with good reason.  It is just awesome.

It is everything a little-girl Christmas dress should be, in my mind...and it is comfortable enough to roll around on the floor in.  A must for Vivi!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Power of the Written Word

So, I know that I comment fairly often on how excited I am that Vivi loves to read.  And that hasn't changed!  But of late, I find myself more and more amazed as to HOW she is reading.  Observe...

Here, reading upside down.  It IS possible that The Rainbow Fish, when read upside down, reveals important aquatic secrets on the level of the Abbey Road album cover (28if?  anyone?).

And here, reading while sitting backwards in the rocking chair (possibly doing more rocking than reading at this point, might I add).

And, perhaps most confusingly, whilst sitting in the diaper box.  I cannot imagine this is comfortable, but she is totally content to sit in there and read her new favorite, Frosty the Snowman.

At least she's reading, I suppose.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

So while I know that last year was TECHNICALLY Vivi's first Christmas, and it was lovely (snowstorm?  anyone?), I am quite excited for this year as she can participate a little more actively.  So, while she was napping Russ and I put up the tree and decorated.  Then waited, camera ready, when she woke up.

She was pretty excited, let me tell you.
Everything was so shiny and and awesome!

"Hey, you guys!  Check it out!  There is a GORGEOUS baby trapped in this shiny silver ball!"

She then found the ornament given to her last Christmas by her godmother, Aunt Maria.  Now, for those of you who do not know,Vivi really likes stars.  And bears.  And this ornament is A BEAR HOLDING A STAR.  Joyous day!  (Bea-uh!  Stah!  Bea-uh!  Stah!)

Foolishly, I tried to make her feel included by telling her that this was "Vivi's special ornament."  She shot me a shifty look from the corner of her eye, said "Bea-uh,"  in a very decisive voice...
...then yanked it from the tree and took off running.  Sigh.  We've been doing pretty good since, but there has certainly been some "No.  NO!  Vivi, that STAYS ON THE TREE!" 

Thus far, I have not even entertained the notion of wrapping presents.  Can you imagine the carnage?