Saturday, December 11, 2010

Et tu, Vivi?

Look out, Jack-Dog.  There may be a new sheriff in town.  And his Sock Monkey.

Sock Monkey came back from San Diego with Daddy, and today became the buddy de jour.  First Vivi wanted to change his diaper (I tried to explain that his red-bottom was a natural thing, but she seemed to think it was due to improper diapering habits).

To be honest, Sock Monkey didn't seem too thrilled either.  Eventually Vivi came to terms with the fact that Sock Monkey might not need a diaper, and moved on to putting him down for "nite-nite."
See, here she is, handing the diaper over to me for safekeeping.  The yellow object in her hand?  A dishtowel.  God help you if you have wet hands in this house; you won't be able to dry them on a conveniently located dish towel.  Vivi has always hated them, tearing them from their holders and throwing them to the floor (why?  why?  so weird).  But lately, they are being stolen and used as "Blankies" for all of her stuffed buddies (and sometimes for Ollie, but that's another post for another day).

So here she is trying to put Sock Monkey down for a nap in the living room.

This involves unceremoniously dumping Sock Monkey on the ground and then tossing the blanket over him.  However, this did not seem to be a suitable place for Sock Monkey to take a nap, in her mind.
So they moved to the kitchen, which was apparently a better spot.  Sock Monkey was successfully put down for a nap, and Vivi wandered off to play with Noah, after yelling "SHUUUSH" at all of us.  Unfortunately, instead of putting her finger to her lips, she usually sticks it up her nose and says "Shhhhhhhhh."  

We're working on it.  Nite-nite, Sock Monkey!

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