Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Tale of Two Monkeys...

Happy Holidays!

So sorry for the lapse in posting...we went to Iowa for Christmas!  It was really awesome.  And Vivi was really, really well behaved.  Perhaps because she had...a new buddy?
Yes folks, you are seeing that.  TWO Sock Monkeys.  Vivi's Great Grandma Kappeler hand-made Vivi her new gentleman Sock Monkey.  We went to visit her the first evening we were in Durant, and I am pretty sure Sock Man-key (what?  you tell me a better way to differentiate between them) did not leave her side the whole time we're there.
"Dance with me, my monkey friend."

Russ, unfortunately got a hold of Sock Man-key, and took some liberties with his outfit.  Hopefully Vivi will learn some sweet hip-hop moves from her new monkey friend.  She did spend A LOT of time dancing over the holidays, so...
...bust a move, my little lady!

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