Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hoppy Days are Here Again...

I can't help it.

Every Easter, I have to take a picture of Vivi in rabbit years.  It's like a weird sickness.
This year, I made Russ get in on the act, too.  Because pink is really his color.

This year, Vivi was very into the whole, "YOU'RE a bunny!" game.
Despite the fact that she was clearly wearing ears, she insisted that only Russ was a bunny.  But wait...what's this?

Pointing at Mommy?
Of course I was wearing bunny ears.  The fact that there is no photographic evidence of such things is one of the advantages of running the camera.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Basket of Joy

This year was the first year we introduced the Easter Bunny.  Does this seem odd to you?  Maybe we're jerks.  I don't know.  Some people seemed shocked when I admitted that Vivi hadn't been gumming chocolate bunny ears in the cradle.  At any rate, she was more confused than anything else, having no real frame of reference.

"I'm sorry, we're going to...what?"

"Interesting concept.  Spring-time Santa.  I have an idea!"
"Let's bribe him!"

She tossed carrots into the basket and assumed everything would go off to plot.

And sure enough....
The Easter Bunny came, and he even left a note!

Vivi was thrilled.

Since the Easter Bunny is apparently hip to the fact that we don't really give Vivi candy, he brought some really cool stuff for her to enjoy.
Inspecting her new Bunny Socks through her new, much-requested Princess Sunglasses (not kidding, yall.  She hounded me for weeks about Princess Sunglasses, and I nearly wept Easter Bunny *ahem* finally found them for her).

And, because the Easter Bunny is cool, an Easter tradition...
...a Cadbury Egg!  And she was very glad.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Just the Facts, Mom

Eons ago, Aunt Kate presented Vivi with a book entitled "Ooga Booga Dinosaurs."  It's a very cute little book, and, being dino-based, is very popular in our home.  However, a recent reading DID raise some concerns about factual nature of Vivi's dino knowledge.

In the book, Bert and Ernie race around with a baby dino, trying to "save" it from the big dino who is chasing them.  In a rather unoriginal plot twist, the big dino turns out to be the baby dino's mommy.  In the picture below, they are "safe" up on a tall rock, but the Mommy Dino is very upset. 
Vivi pointed out, "Look, the Mommy Dino is crying"

Thinking we would have a sweet little mother-daughter moment, I answered, "Yes, she is.  Do you think it is because she misses her baby?"

Vivi looked at me, and a very solemn voice answered, "No.  It's because she wants some meat."