Friday, April 13, 2012

Just the Facts, Mom

Eons ago, Aunt Kate presented Vivi with a book entitled "Ooga Booga Dinosaurs."  It's a very cute little book, and, being dino-based, is very popular in our home.  However, a recent reading DID raise some concerns about factual nature of Vivi's dino knowledge.

In the book, Bert and Ernie race around with a baby dino, trying to "save" it from the big dino who is chasing them.  In a rather unoriginal plot twist, the big dino turns out to be the baby dino's mommy.  In the picture below, they are "safe" up on a tall rock, but the Mommy Dino is very upset. 
Vivi pointed out, "Look, the Mommy Dino is crying"

Thinking we would have a sweet little mother-daughter moment, I answered, "Yes, she is.  Do you think it is because she misses her baby?"

Vivi looked at me, and a very solemn voice answered, "No.  It's because she wants some meat."


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