Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A.M. Ottos

We had a really fun weekend!

Grandma and Grandpa Otto came to visit, and Grandma Otto and I ran a booth at the Farmer's Market on Saturday!  We did pretty well, and had some nice family time, too.  But all the hard work and fun resulted in some sleepy Ottos on Sunday morning.  We found out that Vivi is without question the most picturesque early morning Otto.

And we all posed with her to prove it.

With Grandpa...

...and with Grandma...

...Daddy puts in a pretty good showing, possibly AM Otto #2...

...Mommy not so much.
Ollie looks pretty good though, I have to say.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Depot Diva

We're getting a new front door.

I'll wait for all of your cheers to subside.

If you have never attempted to exit our house through the front door, let me tell you that it is a process.  Our front door acts like the front desk of the Hotel California--you can enter, but you can never leave.  At least not without a lot of banging and tugging and swearing.  Russ and I HAVE discussed the benefits of keeping such a door until Vivi graduates from high school, but have decided that the benefits were not worth the 16 years of swearing and not being able to get out of our house.  Thus, the new door.  Which means a lot of time at home improvement stores.  With our two year old.

Lowes is my fave when it comes to taking Vivi, because they have the sweet race-car carts, and she can drive all over the store yelling, "Go faster, Daddy!" and "Look out, people!"  That's right, casual shoppers.  Beware.

Alas, not even the sweetest of race-cars can hold Vivi's attention for more than 20 mts or so, which means Russ and I race to whichever section we are visiting that day, quickly discuss our options, and make a decision.  Then Russ gets to go through all the particulars with the salespeople and Vivi and I shop around and entertain ourselves.

We both really like the lighting section.

I like to look at the different chandeliers and fixtures, imagining where in the house I would put them.  

Vivi likes to pretend that she is at a New Years Eve party circa 1989.
Really, a glass of bubbly would really complete this look in my opinion.

On a side note, I wound up liking that lampshade so much that I think I am going to go back and purchase it when we order our door.
I am a bit worried I will have a tough time keeping off of Vivi's head though.  Hm.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fancy Footware

One of the rules of Vivi's new daycare is that they don't wear shoes in the house.  Which is fine.  However, Jean also asked that each child bring a pair of slippers.  ?!?  Any ideas how hard it is to find slippers for a size five foot in the middle of summer in Lincoln Nebraska?  Pretty dang hard, let me tell you.  Unless you want to pay something along the lines of TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.  Um, no.

My solution?  Ballet slippers (thank you, Target!).
Vivi was REALLY excited about them.  She wanted to wear them all over the place when we brought them home.  Strangely, on the same day, she also perfected climbing into her chair, which makes me so terribly nervous I cannot articulate it.  She climbs EVERYTHING now.

I am considering getting a second pair of ballet slippers for when it turns cold (which had better be a long, long time from now).  They are just too cute!
Fancy feet!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Arts and Crafts

Vivi has been adjusting to her new daycare, and it's been going really well.  Jean, our new daycare lady is really into projects and activities, and Vivi seems to be enjoying it very much.  

And the fruits of her labor?

At first glance, you would think this was a simple paper bag puppet of a bird.  And technically, you would be right.

However, according to Vivi, this is her "Poo-Pet."
Or, sometimes it is "My Poo-Pet Derek."  As we have a very good friend named Derek, I get more than just a little giggle out of this.  Awesome. (Just FYI, "Derek" is also the name of the ghost Vivi constantly tells Jean she sees in the kitchen of the daycare.  Hm.)

I can't wait to see what else comes home!

Monday, August 1, 2011

School's In Session!

The other day while I was getting ready to head to work, Vivi was playing quietly in the living room.  All of a sudden, I heard, "Okay, Jack!  We're ready to learn!"  I peeked around the corner and found this.

Apparently, Jack was in need of some cash-handling lessons.  Vivi was giving some instructions in numbers ("This is number three, Jack), and demonstrating how to open and close the cash drawer.  However, Jack seems to be a quick learner, because they quickly moved on.
Science must come after accounting, because Jack was getting schooled in jungle-animal recognition.  It's handy to have a desk and two chairs!  (But I must say, Vivi is a very bossy teacher.  Look out, world.)