Sunday, August 7, 2011

Depot Diva

We're getting a new front door.

I'll wait for all of your cheers to subside.

If you have never attempted to exit our house through the front door, let me tell you that it is a process.  Our front door acts like the front desk of the Hotel California--you can enter, but you can never leave.  At least not without a lot of banging and tugging and swearing.  Russ and I HAVE discussed the benefits of keeping such a door until Vivi graduates from high school, but have decided that the benefits were not worth the 16 years of swearing and not being able to get out of our house.  Thus, the new door.  Which means a lot of time at home improvement stores.  With our two year old.

Lowes is my fave when it comes to taking Vivi, because they have the sweet race-car carts, and she can drive all over the store yelling, "Go faster, Daddy!" and "Look out, people!"  That's right, casual shoppers.  Beware.

Alas, not even the sweetest of race-cars can hold Vivi's attention for more than 20 mts or so, which means Russ and I race to whichever section we are visiting that day, quickly discuss our options, and make a decision.  Then Russ gets to go through all the particulars with the salespeople and Vivi and I shop around and entertain ourselves.

We both really like the lighting section.

I like to look at the different chandeliers and fixtures, imagining where in the house I would put them.  

Vivi likes to pretend that she is at a New Years Eve party circa 1989.
Really, a glass of bubbly would really complete this look in my opinion.

On a side note, I wound up liking that lampshade so much that I think I am going to go back and purchase it when we order our door.
I am a bit worried I will have a tough time keeping off of Vivi's head though.  Hm.

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  1. If Lowe's sold groceries, I would do all of my shopping there. Their carts are the bomb.