Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fancy Footware

One of the rules of Vivi's new daycare is that they don't wear shoes in the house.  Which is fine.  However, Jean also asked that each child bring a pair of slippers.  ?!?  Any ideas how hard it is to find slippers for a size five foot in the middle of summer in Lincoln Nebraska?  Pretty dang hard, let me tell you.  Unless you want to pay something along the lines of TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.  Um, no.

My solution?  Ballet slippers (thank you, Target!).
Vivi was REALLY excited about them.  She wanted to wear them all over the place when we brought them home.  Strangely, on the same day, she also perfected climbing into her chair, which makes me so terribly nervous I cannot articulate it.  She climbs EVERYTHING now.

I am considering getting a second pair of ballet slippers for when it turns cold (which had better be a long, long time from now).  They are just too cute!
Fancy feet!

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