Monday, March 21, 2011

For the Love of Grandma...

Grandma and Grandpa Otto came to visit this past weekend!  Vivi was most excited.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to get some nice family photos.

Vivi had some ideas of her own.
Oh dear.  Sorry, Grandma.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ager, Revisited

To celebrate Noah's birthday with proper style, Aunt Kate booked a party at the Ager Play Center, the same place we went for Parker's party last month.   With a sigh, Russ and I readied ourselves for another afternoon of driving various vehicles.  However, Vivi was more open to exploring different aspects of the Center this time!

Granted, there was still some driving involved, but at least the vehicle was a bit cooler this time.
Check out our Biker Baby!

And then she found this GORGEOUS little girl who lived in the wall.
We chatted her up for quite some time.

But when Vivi found the slide (the same one we have in our back yard, btw), it was all over.

Then, of course, we ended the afternoon where all little girls hope to end up.  The GIANT castle located in the Ager Play Center?  Be serious.  No, no, no.  We wound up in the belly of a giant hippo.
On a side note, from here on out we will be calling this the "Ear Infection Center," as both times we have visited, we have gone to the doctor the following day MOST UNEXPECTEDLY for treatment of the aforementioned affliction.  Curse you, Center! (fist shaking and scowling)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


On Monday, Vivi's cousin Noah reached the ripe old age of four.  Aunt Kate had hidden his present in our basement for safekeeping, as it is difficult to hide large objects from a four year old when you live in an apartment.

Unbeknownst to Noah, Vivi found it first.  And boy was she in awe.
Really, who wouldn't be?  That thing is sweet!  She inspected it from every angle.
Then came the realization that if she pushed it, it would MOVE.  She moved it very slowly and carefully, being so very gentle, while murmuring, "Biiiiike.  Biiiiiike.  Vivi naaaiiiice.  Biiiiike."
However, when I turned around from chasing Ollie away from the cat box (SO GROSS, OLLIE), I found her very covertly touching her tongue to the back wheel, very delicately, just to get the bike's full measure.   At that point, I decided it was time to go upstairs.

An unpopular decision.  I was rather glad when Noah's present went to Noah's house.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Voyage into the Deep

Well, the depths of the basement, that is.  It has now become Vivi's most favorite place in the house.  When she's bored or just looking for something to do, she will frequently sidle up to you and say "Doonsteers?"  with a blink of her ridiculously long eyelashes. It's hard to resist.

And her favorite activity doonsteers? 

Kitty hunting.
Poor Hippo will bolt as soon as he realizes that Vivi has come downstairs with me.  Kitty is no fool, and has become quite familiar with all of the places in the basement that are "way up high" (as Vivi likes to say). 
This does not dissuade Vivi, who toddles after him murmering, "Naaaiiice.  Keetee.  Vivi be soft.  Naaaaiiice."

Hippo is not fooled.

However, as soon as Vivi realizes that "Keetee" is not going to come down from way up high, she gurns to other amusements.  Her old swing is down there, and she frequently rocks Jack in it and sings to him.  She also really likes to kiss the little blue bird on the mobile.  I have no good explanation for this.

And if you get tired of rocking, there is always time for a little hide-and-seek in the hanging laundry!  (This game is less fun for those of us more than 3 feet tall, but there you are)
Adventures in the basement!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

I know what you were thinking after that last post.  You thought, "That lazy minx has been neglecting her blog duties.  Vivi refusing to post for photos.  Chuh.  I'll just bet."

Well, naysayers, behold yourself proven wrong.  Observe. Below we are pictured playing "Popcorn," one of Vivi's favorite pastimes, which Aunt Maria taught us when Vivi was just a tiny baby.  And then she notices the paparazzi...

...and that's how photo sessions go at our house, lately.  Sigh.  For those of you not yet fluent in Vivi-speak, she is obsessively chanting: "Look at pictures.  Look at pictures.  Look at pictures."  
Preferably of her self, of course.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Party USA!

This evening, we had one of my favorite family moments yet.  I don't have any photos, because we were to busy enjoying it!  (Well, and also because currently the moment the camera comes out, Vivi stops in her tracks and demands to look at pictures of herself.  It's REALLY frustrating.)

She and I were playing in the living room while Russ was in the kitchen doing dishes.  He turned some music on and Vivi froze, then shouted, "MUSIC!" and raced into the kitchen and began dancing (which for Vivi involves standing in one place and stamping her feet REALLY FAST).

What else could we do?  We stopped what we were doing and danced with her.  It was such a sweet little moment.  And have no fear, internet.  I will catch the dancing on video and post it soon.