Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Voyage into the Deep

Well, the depths of the basement, that is.  It has now become Vivi's most favorite place in the house.  When she's bored or just looking for something to do, she will frequently sidle up to you and say "Doonsteers?"  with a blink of her ridiculously long eyelashes. It's hard to resist.

And her favorite activity doonsteers? 

Kitty hunting.
Poor Hippo will bolt as soon as he realizes that Vivi has come downstairs with me.  Kitty is no fool, and has become quite familiar with all of the places in the basement that are "way up high" (as Vivi likes to say). 
This does not dissuade Vivi, who toddles after him murmering, "Naaaiiice.  Keetee.  Vivi be soft.  Naaaaiiice."

Hippo is not fooled.

However, as soon as Vivi realizes that "Keetee" is not going to come down from way up high, she gurns to other amusements.  Her old swing is down there, and she frequently rocks Jack in it and sings to him.  She also really likes to kiss the little blue bird on the mobile.  I have no good explanation for this.

And if you get tired of rocking, there is always time for a little hide-and-seek in the hanging laundry!  (This game is less fun for those of us more than 3 feet tall, but there you are)
Adventures in the basement!

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