Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Party USA!

This evening, we had one of my favorite family moments yet.  I don't have any photos, because we were to busy enjoying it!  (Well, and also because currently the moment the camera comes out, Vivi stops in her tracks and demands to look at pictures of herself.  It's REALLY frustrating.)

She and I were playing in the living room while Russ was in the kitchen doing dishes.  He turned some music on and Vivi froze, then shouted, "MUSIC!" and raced into the kitchen and began dancing (which for Vivi involves standing in one place and stamping her feet REALLY FAST).

What else could we do?  We stopped what we were doing and danced with her.  It was such a sweet little moment.  And have no fear, internet.  I will catch the dancing on video and post it soon.

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