Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Which We Capitulate...

There is a craze sweeping the nation.  It's a bizarre phenomenon called "Pillow Pets"  (it's a pillow!  it's a pet!).  I had never heard of one until our niece, Eva, asked for one for her fourth birthday.   It's a truly weird thing in my mind; when I went to purchase it, I found a very fuzzy tiger (her choice) that looked kind of like a tiger rug (flat and spread out--the "pillow" version).  It then has a belly strap that "transforms" the animal into a pet.  I didn't get it.  But, Eva is awesomely quirky, so I figured maybe the obsession was just her.

Then Noah got one for Christmas.  Tasha'n'Kayla The Girls that I Love (name of his choosing, btw) is now a super-favorite, and is the only thing that can make him stay in his room at night when he is feeling less than restful (i.e., if you don't lay down and go to sleep, I will take Tasha'n'Kayla The Girls that I Love, and you will have to go to sleep without her.  Try that phrase on for size, fellow parents).  And our friends Derek and Dawn have the Tiger one for their son Kyler, and he won't go to sleep without it.  So, it wasn't just Eva.

When going to get a new key made for our garage door, we found Pillow Pets on sale for $10 at the local True Value hardware (the real ones, nonetheless, not knock offs)!  As Vivi had been most attracted to Kyler's tiger, we looked at each other and shrugged.  It was half off.  Why the heck not.  In a fit of super-wisdom, Russ suggested we let Vivi pick her own (what?  you don't take your 19month old to the hardware store?).  I winced, sure that we were going to come home with the freakin' purple, sparkly unicorn (gag, barf). Wisely, Vivi chose the bee.  Russ cited the Hawkeye color influence of black and gold.  Perhaps...
At any rate, Vivi was so excited about Beatrice that when we came home, she would not let go of Bee (for short) so we could take her coat off.

Vivi quickly learned that Bee is very soft and comfortable.  Here, as Vivi lounges, Bee demonstrates her marketed duality (it's a pillow!  it's a pet!).

At any rate, Bee has become a new good buddy in the toy department, and we are glad she is here (even though, for the record, I'm still not sure I understand the appeal).   Welcome, Beatrice!

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