Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day of Love....

Happy Valentines Day from our little Love Bug!

Don't you just love her outfit?!?  The dress and bloomers were a Valentines Day gift from Grandpa and Grandma Otto, and the fabulous striped tights were something we already had on hand.  She reminds me of a little derby girl, or a very soon to be punk toddler.  I am quite in love with the look as a whole, to be honest.  Vivi herself is quite in love with the gift the Valentine Fairy left for her (you have a better name for this phenomenon?  Let's hear it.). 
In keeping with all things red, the Valentine Fairy brought Vivi an Elmo Magna-Doodle!  She was most excited.
She was even nice enough to share with Daddy and let him have a turn.  A little snuggle time, a little Elmo, and a little Wonder Pets...not a bad Valentines Day evening!
Happy Valentines Day, everybody!  We love you all!

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