Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wonder Where?

So lately, Vivi has been really in to this show called "The Wonder Pets." It's a show about animals who "get in trouble" and are assisted by the Wonder Pets, an unlikely trio consisting of a guinea pig, a turtle and a duck with an inexplicable lisp (catch phrase-"uh oh, this is seeweous"--I cannot stand him).

However, since it is the only thing on tv she has ever paid attention to (other than football-sigh), we haven't really discouraged it.

Tonight she picked up the remote, handed it to Russ, and said "Woner-pes? Please?". Russ replied, "Baby, Wonder Pets aren't on right now. See?" and gestured to the blank screen. "she smiled at him and said "Daddy, Woner-pes HIDING. In TV." She then stared at him expectantly, waiting. Kinda hard to explain that one to her satisfaction, I tell you. Though I must say, it was a really interesting insight to her mental process. Of course if you can't see the Wonder Pets, they must be hiding. In the TV.

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