Sunday, February 20, 2011

Music 101

For those of you who don't know, the Beatles are my all-time, number 1, ohmigodilovethem band.  So, for Valentines Day, the Sanchez-Masi clan sent me some super cool Yellow Submarine Beatles magnets (along with some other sweet things that will be featured in a later blog).  I had to work today, and when I came home, Vivi was eager to show me her new friends on the fridge.

True, it sounds like she's saying "The Beedles," but Mommy about fell out of her shoes when she showed me her buddies and she (correctly) pointed out John and Paul (George and Ringo being out of reach higher on the fridge).

Interestingly, she refers to Paul exclusively as "Unca Pauw (or Uncle Paul to those how don't speak Vivi).  We're not sure why it's Unca Pauw and not Unca Jeen (Uncle John), since she certainly has both.  However, Unca Pauw it is.
Still.  Having my little lady learning the building blocks of my favorite band of all time made me unspeakably proud.  Yeah yeah yeah!

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