Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Cars...

On Saturday, we went to our friend Parker's first birthday party.  I had great visions of snapping tons of shots of Vivi playing with her little friends, sharing toys and cake with the other babies...Except.  The Ager Play Center?  Where Parker's party was held?  They had cars.  Lots of cars.
And Vivi did not care about anything else at the party.  We had to drag her away from the firetruck to say "Happy Birthday" to Parker (most embarrassing, btw).  Parker, like a sensible little man, was enjoying the toddler area.  Vivi said Happy Birthday, wandered around for a few minutes, and then managed to find the ONLY OPEN DOOR in the gigantic toddler area, and raced across the entire play center (closely followed by Mommy and Daddy, of course), all for the purpose of...
...being reunited with the firetruck.  

But Vivi's attention was fickle, and she soon felt the need to drive nearly every car in the facility.  

There were quite a few.
Here she is, driving like Mommy, and innocently backing into the poor pink car behind her.  Daddy had a fun afternoon of imagining the headaches he'll get to endure when she turns 16.

So sporty in her little tan and red coupe!

And here driving the RV (!) one-handed, a true mistress of the road.  On a side note, the RV was TOTALLY awesome, with seats in the back and a kitchenette and everything.  For kids.  I KNOW.  I totally want one now (qualifying note--a Little Tykes one, not a for real one.  I haven't totally lost it).
Seriously, this is all we did for the entire party.  Drive different vehicles.  Still.  Everyone had a good time.  Happy Birthday, Parker!

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