Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yeah, It's Been that Nice.

We've not been spending too much time indoors.
The Ottos are no fools.  If we can get homegirl outside, we're doing it!
A side note to this photo...Vivi is a little weirded out by going on walks.  Apparently the thought of running down the street AND BEYOND is very weird for her.  She really preferred to have one of us walk in front of her, almost like "monster bait" (as Aunt Kate likes to say).  She almost needed Russ and I to prove it was safe for her to proceed.  Then she would get really brave and run 10 feet or so...and come to a screeching halt and turn back around to stare at us suspiciously until we caught up.

I cannot wait for this warm weather to be permanent!

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