Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rollin' with the Homies...

So today was SO NICE here in L-town that we actually ventured outside.  Noah and Aunt Kate came over for a bit of outdoor activity, and when Noah pulled up and Vivi saw what he had brought along, she was PRETTY IMPRESSED, let me tell you.

Yes, that's right....Noah brought over his big-boy trike.  Vivi was totally in awe.

There was some serious trike-envy going on at the Otto household.

Fortunately, Vivi was content to chase Noah up and down the block for 20 mts (although I am pretty sure she was in part trying to snag the snack out of the trike's trunk--very shifty, Vivi, very shifty).  And Noah, being the great cousin that he is, let Vivi have a turn on the trike.  Her feet didn't touch the ground, so she needed a little help from Mommy, but she really liked it!
So fashionable!

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