Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner.

Eat your heart out, Swayze fans...but that's not necessarily true.  We have been exploring the oh-so very fun world of discipline, and the corner has been our method of choice.  She's actually been responding to it pretty well.  And how do we know it's sinking in?
That's right.  Monkey is feeling the stern sting of discipline herself.  

The the other morning I was getting us ready for work when I heard "No-no, Monkey!  Naw-tee!  Teem out!  Co-nuh!"  Sure enough, I peeked around the corner to find her marching her Monkeys straight to the same corner she sits in when she is "naw-tee."
It was apparently a case of double trouble.  

We keep finding her putting other buddies in time-out, so I guess it is making an impression.  So that's...good?  I think?  

She does show empathy for the trouble little ones though.  Here, she joins Baby for a little time in solitary.
And just like with Mommy and Daddy, once the time out is over, all is forgiven with a kiss.
I figure that means we're doing something right.

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