Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ager, Revisited

To celebrate Noah's birthday with proper style, Aunt Kate booked a party at the Ager Play Center, the same place we went for Parker's party last month.   With a sigh, Russ and I readied ourselves for another afternoon of driving various vehicles.  However, Vivi was more open to exploring different aspects of the Center this time!

Granted, there was still some driving involved, but at least the vehicle was a bit cooler this time.
Check out our Biker Baby!

And then she found this GORGEOUS little girl who lived in the wall.
We chatted her up for quite some time.

But when Vivi found the slide (the same one we have in our back yard, btw), it was all over.

Then, of course, we ended the afternoon where all little girls hope to end up.  The GIANT castle located in the Ager Play Center?  Be serious.  No, no, no.  We wound up in the belly of a giant hippo.
On a side note, from here on out we will be calling this the "Ear Infection Center," as both times we have visited, we have gone to the doctor the following day MOST UNEXPECTEDLY for treatment of the aforementioned affliction.  Curse you, Center! (fist shaking and scowling)

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