Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes, bat fans, that's right.  Two posts in one day.

I thought I owed August a proper welcome, considering that we're half way through the month and I'm just now blogging.  It has been busy!  Vivi is working VERY HARD on walking.  She's up to about 3 steps on her own now, and then suddenly realizes she's walking and then falls down.  It's kind of hilarious.  

She is talking her lips off, picking up new works all the time.  Current favorites are "baby," "Jack-Dog," "Daddy," "Drink," and "Bird."  

She's also very in to climbing.  The other day our little Rapunzel climbed the stairs up to her room three times before going to bed.  Apparently Cousin Eva's climbing fanaticism is some long-dormant Carey gene, because our little girl certainly does share it with her.

We are also working very hard on sharing....please observe.

Say there is something on the menu of which you would rather not partake.  Why not share it with dad?  Mom and Dad encourage sharing.  Even of Green Beans.

Then again...even Dad won't eat some things.  Still, sharing is a good skill!

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  1. You keep practicing Vivi and Grandma will be coming in a few weeks to help even more. Keep up the good work.