Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are you ready?

Guess who's getting ready for the big game on Saturday???

Oh.  Were you expecting something about the Husker game?  Not in this house, friends.

Now.  Last year, Vivi was INSTRUMENTAL in the Hawkeyes victorious season.  We found that if she vomited on her Hawkeye onsie during the game, THEY WON.  Fabulous!  Sadly, she has outgrown said onsie (not so sadly, she has also stopped vomiting on herself.  thank you, lord, for your attention to this matter).  So what will be the hallmark by which victory will be ascertained?  Only time will tell...

I'm thinking one oreo per game.  Chocolate crusted face=victory.

Vivi is a proud supporter of this plan.  Go Hawks!

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