Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back in Black (and Blue)!

So, I got hit by a truck.

I know it's not really a great excuse for ignoring the blog for a month, but I do feel somewhat justified.  As this blog is all about Vivi's life, and I have, until the past week, been somewhat absent from Vivi's major doings.  

This is the worst part of the whole accident.  I cannot do a lot of the Mom things that I love to do, and Russ is (an awesome) full time house runner/dad.  Vivi, with her natural tenacity, has been amazing about the whole thing.  She was SUPER IMPRESSED that I got to ride in a "Clambulence", and likes to come over to me and tell me that I have "owies on my legs," and "a BIG CAST."  True and true.

She has also been spending some time with the ever-patient Aunt Kate and Noah, who were so kind as to give Russ the occasional break so he could do fun things like mow the lawn (whee!).

She had a lot of fun with them.
As you can see.

I think Noah occasionally had his fill of Vivi.  Here he makes a valiant attempt to escape yet another cousin photo op...

And neither one of them seem thrilled about the cousin-train photo op...

It's okay.  Ice cream after the zoo cures all.
And Vivi's reaction is a little frightening in its intensity.

Then it was off to the park!  Where Vivi displayed inspiration from her recent zoo visit.
Monkey a-go-go!

I have been to this park many times, and know she is totally safe.  However, when Kate showed me these pictures after they came home, my heart still flip-flopped.
Thankfully, she did stop playing monkey long enough to play "America's Next Top Model--Playground Shoot."
Thank you, Aunt Kate and Noah, for all the help you gave us (and still give us!) during my recovery!  We love you very much!

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