Tuesday, April 16, 2013


And, of course, there was swimming.

Vivi spent a lot of time playing, "Captain" with Russ and Kyler, letting them pull her around on a raft while she "captained" the boat.

I'd let her captain the ship.  She seems pretty happy.

But the real (and very random) hit of the pool was the logs.  A series of four "logs" chained to the bottom of the pool that you could run across to get to the opposite platform.  For the older kids, there were monkey bars to help you across.  These were, perhaps for taller kids.

But certainly not for braver ones.  Height did not stop Miss Vivi.  She simply found a work-around, the logical little thing.  She got Russ to come and steady the logs, and...

...leap-frogged her way across the pool.

She was very, very proud of herself.
 So proud, we did it about 900 more times.

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