Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jack-Dog rides again!

Before Vivi was born, Russ and I wanted to choose a special "snuggle buddy" for her to grow up with.  To our amazement, if your child does not want a cat, bear, bunny or duck, you seem to be screwed.  We are not cat/bear/bunny/duck people (apologies, Jilly Rabbit--you're lovely).  Thankfully, after much searching, we found Jack-Dog.  He rode with us to the hospital, and was one of the first "home things" Vivi saw.

However, newborns do not really PLAY with toys, so Jack-Dog has been chillaxin' in Vivi's room, patiently waiting for the day when he would win her heart.

Today, Vivi hung out and played with Jack-Dog for a solid hour while Russ and I put away laundry and did some work in her room.

I sense the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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