Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank you for being a friend

Today, we celebrated a very important event.  4 years ago, on February 15th, my best friend almost died.  He was in a horrible car accident that totaled his car, landed him in surgery, and scared the heck out of the rest of us.  So, every year we get together as a group and celebrate "We're glad you're not dead day."

And every year I think about how sad my life would be without him.  How happy I am that things turned out the way they did.  That he danced with me at my wedding, and that this fall I will dance with him at his.  How much history is there, and how much we will still go through together.  And how lucky our little family is to have the friends we do.

Todd is Vivi's godfather, and of course she had to come and experience her very first "Todd's Still Alive" Celebration!


She decided to celebrate by trying to steal Todd's wallet.  Awkward.

She also celebrated by eating a pickle!  Or, gumming a pickle, as it were.  But still, she was very, very excited about the whole thing.

Clan Otto loves you, Todd!

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