Thursday, June 16, 2011


In order to make up for the lack of true jungle animals at the zoo (I assume), our zoo has lots of chances for interaction in various ways.

She got to sit on the giant caterpillar with Aunt Kate while Noah honed his photography skills (Vivi didn't seem to be impressed).

She got to climb up the giant rope climbing structure with DETERMINATION (and some assistance).  She honestly did not care two bits about this structure, and then Noah clamored up it like he was born doing so, and she decided she'd better have a try as well.  That skill needs some work.

There was a really cool house made of trees, just the right size for some little people.
To my credit, I only mentioned tics like two times.  

And then there was the surprise hit of the zoo...the skeleton.  When I was little, there was a giant stegosaurus skeleton/fountain at the beginning of the zoo.  He is now elevated above a sandy area where weary-looking zoo employees continuously bury "dinosaur bones" for little people to dig up and find.  There is also the skeleton of...something.  I assume maybe a cow?  At any rate, Vivi was THRILLED that there was a "Dino" present, and proceeded to feed him gravel for quite some time.  This involved removing sand from the burial pit and thrusting it into the naval cavity of the "dino."
According to Vivi, the Dino was "really hungry."  I think the zoo employee was "really happy" when we moved on.

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