Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Ottos do the Zoo

Today we took advantage of the glorious weather and went to the zoo with Noah and Aunt Kate.  Truth be told, I think I may have been more excited than Vivi.  Now, a little secret about the Lincoln Children's Zoo-it is both awesome and lame.  If you are looking for lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!), you are in the wrong place.  Go to Omaha.  But if you are looking for a cross between petting zoo and nature walk, the Lincoln Zoo is your happy place.

It's not huge.  The animals are kinda tame.  But it is walkable for a two year old, there are lots of places to interact, and I have such fond, fond memories of going there myself, I was wildly excited to take Vivi.  And she loved it (with the exception of the butterfly pavilion, which resulted in sobbing.  Vivi did NOT, apparently, want a butterfly to land on her).

They still have the goat area.  Now, back in my day, you could go into the goat area, and an ill-mannered goat attempted to eat my new purple shoe laces.  So I was partly dismayed and partly thrilled that the goats are now enclosed and you cannot get in there with them.  (I was completely thrilled about the handwashing station just beyond the goat area--well played, zoo)

She was a little taken aback by a very forward goat who wanted to share a stalk of grass.

She was mesmerized by the penguins who are, truth be told, pretty stinking cute.  Although the do not replace the animal I remember in this space, whose name was Big Ben--a giant brown bear.  MUCH COOLER.

And she was most pleased about the "big kitty," who you could see through this large glass window (a leopard, yall).
You may notice that this photo was taken from outside the little viewing area.  While leopards do not hold the same level of terror for me that a panther does, I am still not a huge fan of "big kitties."  Best to stay back.

Next up?  A trip down memory lane for me!

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