Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tiny, Shiny, and...Vivi

You know what else was awesome about Fontanelle Forest?  The basement. 

If you actually come inside and go downstairs, there is a dinosaur encounter set up in the entire basement, complete with fossil dig.  Now, I'm sure you are all a bit tired of seeing my child excavate bits of ground rubber, and are inwardly sighing.

But have you seen something so hilarious as this?
 A little pteranodon, digging for fossils (ironic, no?).

Fontanelle Forest houses a number of costumes in the basement, among them the cast of Dinosaur Train, a show very popular in both our house and Parker's.  Vivi and Parker quite monopolized the costumes and were hilarious.  The hugeness of the heads and their tiny bodies was too funny as they raced around the entire area.
Here Buddy models the "Buddy" head with a most charming smile.

Hint: Vivi has tossed around the idea of a dinosaur as Halloween, which I am VERY EXCITED about.
 However.  Don't hold your breath.  We all know how the much talked about "Mermaid Birthday Party" turned out.  Sigh.  Stay tuned, bat-fans...or dino fans.

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