Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Ames Buddies

Last month, we took a little mini-vacation to see Aunt Becky and Uncle Jake!  And, because the Grooters are saint-style people, they let us crash with them over night to help break up the drive on the way there.  We hadn't seen then since July, so we were feeling pretty over due.

I CANNOT BELIEVE how big Kella is getting! And so stinking cute!  After breakfast the next morning, Russ and Derek took Kyler off to school, and Dawn, Kella, Vivi and I hung out and had girl time.  Kella was quite interested in Vivi and what she was up to.  She crawled all over the place after her, checking out her interest in various things.
She helped Vivi read various books (how cute are her pj's by the way?  would totally wear them in my own size).

And then Dawn brought out something that was sure to be a crowd pleaser...
...the dino.  This is one of those ingenious toys that allows a kid to learn to walk behind it, then converts to a ride-on toy.  Vivi was enthralled.  And because Vivi was enthralled, so was Kella.

They both did a really nice job taking turns.
Quite impressive, as Kella is not yet one, and Vivi has a tough time giving up anything dino-related.

Kella also took a moment to pause for a photo with Russ once he and Derek returned.
She looks awesomely worried here.  I love it.

Sadly, that will be our last stay in that little house.  Derek and Dawn are building a new house, and should be into it by the next time we pass through.  It's bitter sweet.  More so for them, obviously, but we Ottos have our own set of memories tucked into the house on Emerson.  For me, it's the place where I really got to know Derek and Dawn, their children, their families, and the Iowa State crowd.  We've had so many experiences sitting around in that kitchen that I will always hold dear. They are very much in my thoughts and prayers this month.  But, we are so excited for them to have their new home, and we can't wait to make new memories!  

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