Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weeee're Baaaaack!

Hello, blog world!  I apologize for my hiatus.  You see, Russ had surgery on Tuesday.  Yes, that's right.  In a weird ying-yang reversal of last fall, Russ had knee surgery and is on crutches/unable to move and I am running the show.  The Ottos seem to be reaping some weird karmic what the heck.  Not sure why.  While I don't REMEMBER selling puppies to Colombian drug lords, or anything so nefarious, I also don't remember what I had for lunch yesterday.  So. You know.  Anything is possible.  At any rate, if we keep this up, Vivi is going to assume that crutches are the hot accessory for fall.

Anywhoo, forgive me for these next few weeks for any sporadic blogging.  Nuff said.

Back in the day, when we all had two good legs, Uncle Joe and the boys came to town!  And where did we all meet up?  At the museum, of course.

Russ thrilled Vivi to no end by letting her set up by the giant mammoth statue.
Pretty sure the museum was NOT OKAY WITH THIS.  We did it anyway.

She assisted Ty and Shawn with a very intense fossil dig.
The fossil dig's touted authenticity was somewhat lessened when we found a nickel, a purple plastic flower, and what appeared to be the hinge of someone's watch.  Oh well.

We got to see how Ty measured up to an Allosaur's thigh bone.
He's getting so tall!

Vivi of course played teacher, schooling Uncle Joe about bird-thing (what?  You want to know what it is?  Ask her).

And she "educated" Uncle John about the Stegosaurus...
...despite the fact that it is his favorite dinosaur and he already seemed quite knowledgeable.  Never miss an opportunity to teach!

And lastly, she and Noah set up a dino-opolous in the encounter center.
I was just glad not to have to brush shredded rubber out of her hair.  Again.  Thanks for hanging out with us, cousins!

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