Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eddie!

So, back in the middle of October (see how time flies?), Eddie had a birthday and a birthday party.  We were SUPPOSED to go to the pumpkin patch, but Mother Nature is a huge jerk who does not feel like granting the birthday wishes of a 4 year old boy.  So.  We went to Eddie's house instead.  As soon as Vivi realized we were not going to an outdoor party, she insisted on wearing "her favorite fancy party dress."  What the heck, I thought.
 Standard party wear.  Um...kind of.

Eddie's party theme was "Call of the Wildman."  Awesome, huh?  Wait.  What?  You've never seen that show?  It's amazing.  This guy catches all these animals "with his bare hands."  It's hilarious.  He has less teeth than many 6 month olds, and a truly unique way of seeing the world.  Perfect party theme.  And the cake?
 That's right, folks.  It's a possum.  I was so happy.

And, so were the kids.  They zoomed around the house playing, watched Eddie open his gifts, and got to eat the AWESOME cake.  Then, as the party was winding down, someone glanced out the window.  The Palmers have a huge...tree (no idea what kind, sorry) in their front yard and it suddenly started raining these beautiful bright yellow leaves.  It was awesome.  It was almost as if Mother Nature was apologizing for being a jerk.  Every single one of us rushed outside and watched the kids run and play in the leaves.

Elliot even got in on the action.  Is this not what fall is about?  Babies buried in piles of leaves?
 (With some help from their friends, of course).

It was such an awesome party.  A wonderful theme, a wonderful day, and a fabulous surprise ending.  With a turtle strapped to her head, our little lady squealed and zoomed around with all of her buddies.
 Eddie wanted to hand out masks of the different types of animals the Wildman catches.  So Aunt Kate and my contribution to the party was these hilarious masks.  We tried to get a picture of all of the kids wearing their masks.  We really did.  That...didn't go so well.  Worth it, I say, to have such a great day.  Vivi loves hanging out with Eddie!

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