Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Diggin' Up Bones

One of the gifts Vivi received for Christmas was a dinosaur excavation kit.  When I bought it, it said "Ages 5 and up" on the box.  I pooh-poohed this, thinking that it would be an easy, sand-shifting, 10 minute project.  Imagine our surprise when we finally gave in to her pleas to "dig up a real dinosaur" and unpacked a giant rock, a real metal hammer and scraping brush, complete with safety glasses.  I immediately thought, "Oh, dear."  5 and up may have been generous.  Vivi, however, was thrilled.

At first, she approached with trepidation, tapping it very gently.

That didn't last long.  She was soon banging away at the giant rock (see?  not kidding) like a real paleontologist.
 (who wears fabulous red nerd glasses)

She was kind enough to let Russ and I chip away at things while she honed her brushing skills.

Somehow, Russ escaped the safety glasses while using the hammer.  However, when my turn came, Vivi put a hold on things and exclaimed, "Mommy!  You need to be safe!"  I tried to pass it off as concern for her safety, but...to no avail.

Best not to think about what this says in regard to her confidence in my excavation skills.

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