Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get Out, Ollie

Dang right that's a fort.
 Made of couch cushions.  In our living room.  It's Vivi's new favorite pastime.   She pleads very sweetly for us to build them, and then hangs out in there.  It is alternately a castle, a dragon lair, or whatever she is feeling like.

Porter could care less when we make forts, but Ollie?
Ollie really wants in.

And Vivi is having none of it.  Ever.
That's okay.  Ollie is sneaky.

But not sneaky enough.
Yes, that's right.  I'm in there, too, defending the keep from the fierce Schmaltz.  (Child, please.  Like there was going to be a giant pillow fort and I WASN'T going to get in there?  Don't be silly).

"Mom, PLEASE.  I so want to be in there with you and Vivi."
And Vivi's response?  "Get out, Ollie."  Poor thing.

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