Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Architect of Destruction

So, this past weekend, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Otto!  It was great!  With, perhaps, the exception of the last hour of our drive.  Vivi apparently did not feel like sleeping at that point, and as it was too dark to entertain herself, she was not the happiest camper.  As we did not arrive until 10 PM, one would think that she would have staggered into Grandma and Grandpa's, exhausted, and sat calmly in my lap while Russ ran her bedtime accessories upstairs.

One would think.

Instead, she was bright eyed and ready to play with Grandma!  She LOVED "helping" build a tower of blocks...

...only to dash them to the ground, cackling like a maniac. (Btw, doesn't she look freakishly tall in these photos?  Bizarre, as she is only in the 52nd percentile for height)

However, when she started blatantly attempting to devour the blocks before Grandma could stack them, we decided it was time for bed.

More Durant news to follow!

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