Thursday, October 7, 2010


Holy hell!  
My apologies, blogger nation.  September was one busy month, and I have been remiss in relating the amazing things that have happened in our lives.  In September...

Russ and I went to a wedding in St Louis, and were away for Vivi for the longest time ever.  It was really hard, but... we knew Vivi was having a great time with Grandma Otto.  And we had a blast wishing Serds and Breezy a happy wedding day!

We came back, hung out for a week, and then...the very next weekend, Todd (Vivi's Godfather) married the amazing and wonderful Miss Michelle!  And Vivi's Grandma Otto came back to hang out for the weekend so Mommy and Daddy could enjoy the festivities!  It was such a beautiful, wonderful day, and we are so grateful to Grandma Susie for making the trip so we could celebrate.

Oh.  And Vivi mastered walking.  And talking.  She's up to over 50 words now, and can ask (ahem, demand) for things, properly tell off the dogs when they are (nah-tee) and cajole the kitty who lives next door to come out and play with her when we are on the drive way playing (kee-tee!  mow, mow mow!).

And, on the last day of September, Aunt Kate turned 28.  Hurrah!  In order for Aunt Kate to PROPERLY CELEBRATE, Cousin Noah stayed the night with us.  Heh heh heh.  Vivi LOVES her cousin Noah, and is very interested in every thing he does when he is with putting on hair bows.

So Fabulous! 

But, as he is three, sometimes Cousin Noah is "nah-tee."  No worries--Vivi totally knows what to do with naughty individuals in this house...we kennel them.

Um...awkward!  But Noah didn't seem to mind.  We had pancakes with syrup for breakfast.  I think he'll come back.  Maybe.

If Vivi's not home.

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