Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bird Bath

Even though it was a Little Pink Bird birthday party, Russ and I feel that having an entirely indoor party during July is crazy business.  So we wound up having a Little Pink Bird/Pool Party.

Let me tell you which aspect was more popular.

Vivi very wisely stayed in the big pool, but I think Eddie really got the full scope and grandeur of the pool party.  He would play in the big pool for awhile, then escape...

Scramble over for a little aqua hop-scotch with Noah...

...and then zing over for a little pool-side chat with Eva in the smaller pool.
Way to make use of your assets, buddy!

Vivi, on the other hand, was content to stay in the big pool and let Russ pour water on her head.
I could literally be convinced to have pool day all day, every day.  A perfect party!

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