Saturday, July 9, 2011


Holy cow.  Vivi turned two on Thursday.

I can hardly believe it.  As Grandpapi said, "That was a fast two years!"  She is becoming such a funny, independent, smart little lady, and I just love her to pieces.

But how does one celebrate such a momentous occasion?  With a day of favorites, of course!

A delicious dinner of pizza (Vivi's favorite).

And then, cake!  Right?  Oh.  No.  You see, Vivi had cake pops and cake at her party last Saturday (more on that later), so we've had A LOT of cake.  And, to be honest, Vivi is very much her daddy's daughter, and LOVES ice cream.  To the point where she almost prefers it to cake.  So...
Vivi celebrated two with double Dutch Chocolate at our local icecream shop.

Candles out!

She was very pleased with the whole affair.

And, because Ivanna Cone is awesome, she ran off to play in their toy area while Russ and I finished our own icecream.
Imagine our surprise when she suddenly stopped playing, ran up to us, and announced in ringing tones, "I has a BIIIG Poop!"  As Russ and I stared in horror and the people around us snickered, she toddled off, saying, "Oh.  Daddy is reeeeeally proud of you."  Time to go!

And where did we end the day of favorites?
At the park, of course!

Happy Second Birthday, beautiful Vivi.  Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

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