Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dawn of a New Day...

Today, Vivi's world got rocked a little.  We went to daycare this morning...and not at Ellen's.  That's right, folks.  Last Friday was our last day at Ellen's house.  Our much-loved daycare lady has been accepted into the nursing program, and is going back to school.  We are so happy and excited for her...and a little sad for us.

Vivi has done really, really well there.  Turning over the care of one's child to someone else for 40 hours a week is a really scary thing, and we were very blessed to find Ellen.  She and her family have been amazing.  Jade and Aleah (her little girls) have been like big sisters to Vivi, and she has learned so much.

I had really planned to get a photo of Vivi with Ellen last Friday, but being the disorganized person I sometimes am, I forgot my camera.  (I figure I spend the majority of my day organizing other people's lives...I am entitled to a little chaos in mine)

So we say a fond (photoless) Adieu to the Sullivans, and hope that everyone is as lucky as we were in our childcare choices.  Ellen and her family are truly wonderful.  We hold great hopes for Jean, our new daycare provider...but she's got some very big (and usually fabulous!) shoes to fill.
Good luck, Ellen!  Clan Otto wishes you the best in nursing school!  Your future's so bright...Vivi's gotta wear shades!

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