Monday, December 19, 2011

Breakfast with...the Man in Red

So, because we are glutton for punishment, Russ and I drug Vivi, Kate, Noah, and Brandon to the Haymarket's Breakfast with Santa again this year.  Now for those of you who don't remember, last year's photo with Santa did not go well.  Exceptionally unwell.

And this year?
Not a huge smile, but boy will I take this over the banshee shriek we had last year.  Our secret?  Have Noah go first. Monster bait via the cousin.

Also featured this year?  A model train.
Fellow parents, perhaps you can shed some light on to why the hell this is so fascinating.  It was literally a 4-foot track with a train that went in a circle.  No tunnels, no bells, no whistles...and Vivi would have been happy to skip breakfast and spend the whole morning watching this train.  I just. Don't. Get. It.

Still.  Breakfast with Santa was a success, and we had a blast!
Christmas is way, way more fun when you have a little.  :)

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