Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shades of Maria

I title this post lovingly...and with a new sense of understanding.  

If you read my sister's blog, you know that she has churned out quite a few hand made costumes/gifts/toys/clothes for her children, nieces and nephews, family and friends.  Upon looking at them, you would never sense the sleepless nights, cursing, and umpteen trips to the fabric store that brought them to their (always fabulously) wrapped package.

Inspired by her success and my new found love of Pinterest (I'm sorry, what?  You're not on Pinterest?  Go.  Go now.  I will invite you, it is amazing), I decided I would make everyone gifts this year.  And I had a blast doing it.  But let me tell you, it came down to the wire.  I was sewing the final stitches the night of the 23rd, round abouts midnight.

But they turned out awful cute.

There they are, interweb.  My poor excuse as to why I have been such a crap blogger since early November.  And, because my madness knows no bounds, we're actually missing a pillow.  I made a 7th for April, Jean's daughter, and wrapped it before I realized no one would believe i did this if I didn't document the whole thing.
Only the pillow bodies were machine-sewn; everything else was done by hand.  And THAT'S why I have been absent.  And while the eye's on Vivi's pillow are a bit Children of the Corn-esque (perhaps a darker, or greyer blue?), I had a blast making them.
Merry Christmas to all the littles!

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