Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cousin Photos

While everyone was in town, we decided to take a cousin photo!  We hadn't attempted such a feat since Noah was about 6 months old...well before the time of Vivi and Charlie.  When Grandpapi brought it up, we all wondered why we hadn't done it in so long.

Turns out that it may be easier once they are older and more directable.  Ty, Shawn, Eva and Noah were all great.  Our darling, adorable wild cards, Vivi and Charlie...hit or miss.  Mostly, miss.

But more on this later.

We get our photos taken at a place where you can actually view your photos and then have them printed in the same day.  It's great, really.  But wrangling 6 small ones while trying to make a decision among 6 people is difficult.  So I hung back and watched the small ones play.  It was actually pretty cute.

The great thing about kids is that they can find SOMETHING to entertain themselves.  Most of the time.  In this case, a festive lighted ficus became the fun focus.  Vivi and Eva played "Jungle Kids."  This seemed to involve a lot of hiding.

Eva was very careful to explain "Jungle Kids" to Vivi, who had never played before.  Vivi listened very carefully.

Shawn also dropped by to play in the ficus.  Amazingly, he brought his own fish.  Jungle Kids apparently LOVE fish.

Unfortunately, "Jungle Kids" was brought to a screeching halt when all three Jungle Kids figured out how to break off the rocks from the fake ficus and attempted to feed them to Shawn's fish.
I kid you not, this discovery was almost simultaneous.  Time to re-focus, kids!  Before Mommy/Aunt Anna gets to buy a ficus!

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