Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tip-toe Tip-toe Tip-toe Where?

Thanks to a little episode called, "The Wonder Pets Save the Nutcracker," Vivi is obsessed with Sugar Plum Fairies.  Super obsessed.  When she wakes up every morning and I ask her how she slept, she answers, without fail, "I slept well.  I dreamed about Sugar Plum Fairies."  When I ask her what they were doing in her dream, she replies, "They were dancing on their tip-toes!"

It may or may not surprise you to find out we also spend quite a bit of time these days dancing on our tip-toes.

Due to a stroke of luck and a very timely growth spurt, cousin Eva swung into town with some out-grown costumes.  Among them...a fairy!
Yes, it is technically a Tinker Bell costume (I think).  But I am not really up to differentiating between the varietals of fairies, nor is Vivi interested.  So a Sugar Plum Fairy she is.  And what do Sugar Plum Fairies do at the Otto house?

They laugh at funny jokes.

They practice for Fairy Mardi Gras.  -AHEM!-

They DO NOT like to stop dancing to take baths.
Even the prettiest fairies can sport Grumpy Frowns.

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