Monday, February 13, 2012

Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow...

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a special message:

Happy Freaking Valentines Day.

Secret: I do not care for Valentines day.  Don't worry, close friends who are reading this, I am not going to go on my traditional rant.   I know, you've all heard it.  But, while I do not care particularly for Valentines day, I do like celebrating things with Russ and Vivi.  And, despite my recent kvetching about crafting, I wanted to help Vivi make something special for her daycare buddies on Valentines day.  

I have to say, I feel like holidays and daycare is a little like a minefield.  Halloween: Jean had a party.  I brought treat bags.  No one else did.  I felt dumb.  Christmas: two of the moms brought treat bags.  I did not.  I felt dumb.  So, I have decided to bring treats for every possible holiday that makes sense, and will just assume that if there is ever a Miracles on 34th Street PTA organization, I will be elected president.

But I digress.  Vivi and I decided to make Whoopie Pies.
With some attitude.

Vivi helped with every step!  She poured ingredients in...

...she helped me mix (although she thought it was hilarious that we were not just going to eat the batter right then and there)...

...and she helped roll the whoopie pies in sprinkles once they were assembled.  Because, you know, stuffing two chocolate cakes with frosting is NOT ENOUGH SUGAR FOR TODDLERS.
She did have to taste-test the sprinkles first.  And incorporate her special birthday sprinkles that Grandma Otto brought this summer.  Thankfully, sprinkles do not go bad.

And, of course, a final taste test!

Look at them.  They're kind of hideous.
But you know what?  She and I had a blast making them together, and I am glad that she is going to get to celebrate with her daycare buddies and bring them something fun.  Even if their parents find it hard to forgive us for presenting their children with that amount of sugar.  So Happy Valentines Day, yall.  From the Ottos.

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