Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dino Museum

We have been busy, blog world.

Vivi's dinosaur love has not abated, and so we have been exploring ways to help her learn more about them.  Believe it or not, Lincoln actually has TWO dinosaur museums.  One is a Lincoln tradition, Morrill Hall.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been there.  School field trips, college classes (yes, you can have class in the museum), and now with our little girl.  I have always loved it there.  I am a history geek.  And she loved it too.
Unnnnfortunately, this is the only picture I have of her first visit to Morrill Hall.  Her outside, gazing at Archie the Mammoth.  Someone "ahem" forgot to charge her camera batteries.  Parent fail.

We had better luck on our trip to the second dinosaur museum.  Located just outside of Lincoln, the Milford Dino Museum was actually pretty cool.  We met our friends Parker and Jill out there and had a really fun afternoon!  Parker loves dinosaurs just as much as Vivi does, so we knew they'd have a great time.  And the cool thing about the Milford museum is that their dinosaurs...look like dinosaurs.
Vivi was very impressed.

Russ helped her achieve what I can only imagine is a current life goal and helped her touch the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He was less successful at attempting to be a dinosaur.
Vivi does not think he is as tough as...which ever dinosaur that is.  I don't know.  Vivi could tell you.

The dino museum also features (intriguingly) also features a mirror maze.  Parker, Vivi, and Russ really enjoyed it.
   Jill and I spent a lot of time running into the walls and muttering about depth perception not having ANYTHING to do with dinosaurs.

There was even a place where Parker and Vivi could excavate dino bones.  They had a fabulous time being paleontologists.
It was a great day, and I think we'll be back for sure!

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