Sunday, March 18, 2012


This past weekend, we took a minibreak!  It was lovely.  We headed to Kings Pointe, an indoor/outdoor waterpark in Storm Lake, Iowa.  Our friends, the Grooters, were headed there to celebrate Derek's birthday.  It was a blast!

Now, let me tell you that Storm Lake is in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.  Were driving through cornfields of North Central Iowa seeing signs claiming Storm Lake was 15 miles away, and I thought, "Lies!  There is nothing out here!"  I was wrong.  There is a giant lake and it is beautiful.

We were a tad worried, as we had never stayed in a hotel room with Vivi before.  Would she sleep?  Would she like it?  Would Russ's snoring wake her up?  She did not share our worries.  She was thrilled.  It didn't hurt that it was 80 degrees out and she could sit out on our balcony in a skirt.

It was beautiful.  We could sit out on our balcony and listen to the waves, which were right below us.  I love water, and Vivi seems to as well.

However, she was more intrigued by the fact that she would sleep in her very own bed, while Russ and I slept in a bed in THE SAME ROOM.  She kept sitting on her bed, and then very graciously inviting me and Russ to join her.
Mind you, Vivi has had her very own big girl bed since January.  Why this one was special, we are not sure.

She took to hotel life very well.
Lazlily hanging out and watching TV?  Check!  Room service?  Check!  Ah.  They joys of travel!

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