Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ides of March

No need to beware,here, Lincoln.  It reached almost 80 today.  I have a perfect bracket (!).  And I am far enough removed about this day that I can finally blog about it.

This day was the day it snowed something stupid like 10 inches in 6 hours, after raining all night.  We lost power for 4 hours.  I wanted to stab someone.

Then, right as about we were about to throw in the towel and go to my parent's house (thanks to my brother and his truck, since we COULDN'T GET OUR CARS OUT OF THE GARAGE), the power came back on.  So, we finally gave in to Vivi's pleading and went outside to play.

Russ demonstrated how to make snow angels.

Vivi was inspired, and made ones of her own, for the very first time.

We made a snowman.  The snowman was quite successful.  Taking of a picture of him was less-so, as the wind was blowing straight in their faces.
Secret to making an awesome snowman face?  Black olives!  I was really proud of myself.

Far more successful was taking Vivi sledding in the street.  It was totally safe--no one could have driven anything short of a plow through that crap.  In fact, you can see where one drove through and DID NOT PLOW OUR STREET.  Grrrrr.

She loved it so much!  She would have done this all day if we had let her.
 I know that it's only the middle of March.  the 80 degree weather will end, just like my perfect bracket (thanks a lot, Wichita State).  But at least days like this are behind us.  Fingers crossed.  It is Nebraska.

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