Tuesday, March 20, 2012

With the Buddies

It was great to spend time with our friends on our minibreak, as well.  Vivi got to play with tons of buddies!

She and Russ spent time in the waterpark with Kyler's cousin Jori, trying to shoot me with water cannons as I took photos.
Can you see the intense determination on Vivi's face?  I was very glad the canons did not shoot that far.

Then, she and Kyler turned Derek and Jori into their slaves, "letting" them push their floating tube around the pool.
Peel me another grape, Copernicus.

And, last but not least, Dawn let Vivi hold Baby Kella!  Vivi took it very seriously and was very gentle with her.

..and then in the middle of it, Vivi and Kella both seemed to realize what was happening and looked totally freaked out.  It was quite hilarious.
Note how long Kella is compared to Home Girl?  Keep in mind, Vivi is in the 79th percentile for height for her age.  I think Miss Kella is going to be a tall lady!  Too cute!

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