Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Queen Vivi

My apologies, blog world.  I know I have been missing for a bit.  I have been crafting, crafting, crafting for a score of events that are now, thankfully, almost over.  And let it be said, for the first time, that I am tired.  of.  crafting.

Very tired.

However, my endless painting, glue-gunning, etc has afforded Vivi lots of time to spend playing in her new domicile.  You see, Vivi now has a castle.

A Christmas gift from Grandmary and Grandpapi, it has been very, very popular.  Our little queen has been holding court quite relentlessly since we opened it up.

Sometimes, if you ask very nicely, she will even let you into the castle with her.  If you fit.
And sometimes even if you don't.  No one denies the queen.

Heck.  Everyone likes castles.
Even baby Charlie.  :)

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